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Business Valuations & Divorce in Tennessee

In some divorces in Tennessee, one or both spouses own or have ownership interests in small businesses or closely-held companies. These ownership interests are often classified as a marital asset that must be divided between the spouses as part of equitable distribution.

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Division of Debt in Tennessee Divorce

In any divorce, the couple, often with the intervention of the courts, must divide between themselves the assets they own. However, Tennessee divorce law also requires that debts held by a married couple must also be divided in a divorce.

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Valuing a Professional Practice in Tennessee Divorce

When professionals like doctors, lawyers, and accountants who are shareholders and/or partners of a professional practice are involved in divorce proceedings, the practice they are part of must be evaluated to determine its value as part of the marital estate.

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Benefits of Filing First for Divorce in Tennessee

No matter what the reasons are, going through a divorce is never easy. It’s difficult to admit that a relationship you thought would last forever is coming to an end.

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Tennessee Child Support Modification FAQs

A child support award is not set in stone. A court may modify child support if a change is warranted.

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